It is designed to develop within students an equal measure of content knowledge, skill application and attitude building. The curriculum encourages students to engage in authentic inquiry, exploration and creative problem-solving skills.

Teaching Methodology

Our multidimensional and integrated academic approach is designed to foster deep critical thinking and creative problem solving. We afford students the freedom to explore and chart their own personalized path of study. This is where hard work and autonomy meet. The result is more than knowledge; it is students actualizing their potential and their vision.

Our Assessment patterns

According to us, assessments are not just based grades students get by the periodical exams. Rather we assess children in many ways write on skills, behavior, aptitude, surprise tests, and through projects. With these patterns,  we can understand the child’s learning patterns and interest areas and can assist appropriately.

Activities @ Home

Rather having conventional homework patterns, we assign work which is an extension of what students have learned in class if needed. And with our unique methodologies homework will be done by the students independently.

Our Mentor Program

Apart from Mother/ Subject teacher, every child will be allotted a Mentor teacher who observes, takes care of all round well being at school and also be a guide and mentor in not just academics and activities but also can help the child in wherever needed.