Non Academics

An extensive array of non-academic subjects also supports the curriculum with opportunities for all children to become involved. P.E, Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Yoga, Speech and Drama promote well-rounded development and provide a rich learning experience

Life Skills

Many a time, it is not about people having the knowledge and qualification, but lack of applying the knowledge in the right direction is the problem. To overcome this, we equally imbibe lateral/ rational thinking, problem solving, communication skill etc right from beginning through our activities.

Physical Education

Physical Education develops sports skills and creates health awareness. Our curriculum offers students the opportunity to discover and develop their physical potential through a balanced and progressive programme of physical activities. Exposure to team and individual sports, develops students’ competence and confidence to take part in a range of physical activities and encourages a sense of team spirit, and individual effort and accomplishment.

Fine Arts

Our fine arts curriculum aims to inspire and nurture the potential talents of our students and enrich their minds. Art and Music are a child’s vehicle of expression. Dance and Yoga have several physical and emotional benefits for children. The movement and stillness of the two skills, corroborate rather than contradict each other.

Literary Activities

Speech and Drama builds confidence and develops language and communication skills, besides reinforcing the rest of the school curriculum.

Our Signature Program

It is an undefeated statement that a well raised child is not only an asset to the family but to the society in general. Keeping this in mind apart from the academic and non academic activities, we also focus on fostering a child’s life and soft skills on a regular basis through innovative and appropriate activities like community work at school, neighborhood and society. Considering the environment as a teacher we encourage the child to nurture and take care of nature and resources with activities like gardening work and school/ home kitchen growing activities. It not just develops their motor skills and senses but also teaches them responsibility, patience, valuing resources.