Best Schools in Nagole

best schools in nagole

About: Sanskritis World School is one of the Best Schools in Nagole. Peaceful surroundings and far away from the noise and bustle of daily life, which is a good environment for Children to develop their creative and unique thinking. Sanskriti world school cultivates several intelligence in children so that they can develop their own special skills through concept teaching, extracurricular activities, and community learning.

Sanskritis World School is an environment for creative learning, thanks to parents’ trust, teachers’ dedication, and children’ interest. The learning environment at school is established by consistency, congruence, and dedication.

Maths Proficiency: Sanskritis World School is more concerned on “how to teach” than “what to teach.” We have a staff  who are highly educated and well-trained.

With some of the best facilities for children’s, the school places a major focus on an individual’s mathematical thinking. It helps students by providing a world-class mathematics lab, as well as a variety of skill-building activities and assignments.

Mission: “To include conservation and social justice aims into teaching and learning; to develop civic virtues and emotional information that will prepare our acorns to become symbols of personal and social change who will guide the transition to a sustainable future.”

Infrastructure/Facilities: Swimming, Basketball, Tennis, Skating, Badminton, Football, Laboratories, Assembly hall, Examinations Centre, Yoga, Transportation

For More Details:
Contact Us: +91-94409440 71, +91-8790488199
Address: Survey No: 72, 73, Lakshmi Narasimha Colony, Mamatha Nagar Colony, Nagole, Hyderabad, Telangana 500039

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